Our partners

VIP Resources works with specialists and relocation experts (for housing and schooling) and lawyers in the area of French tax, personal and business law. Our relocation partners can assist you with:

Orientation programs:

–          Defining your needs
–          Pre-move visits and orientation programs (housing, schools…)

Home-finding programs:

–          Research and selection of options
–          Home visits, lease negotiation
–          Arrange for utilities, maintenance contracts and home insurance

On-going support:

–          Locate and schedule reliable professionals for home repair
–          Review invoices and correspondence
–          Process and carry out home and car insurance claims

Departure formalities:

–          Pre-departure home inspection
–          Preparation of cancellation letters
–          Prepare mail forwarding
–          Participate in departure inspection
–          Follow-through with final reconciliation and reimbursement of housing deposit

Our legal partners can provide assistance with:

–          International Compensation Planning
–          French Labor Law Issues
–          Creating a Business or Non-Profit Organization
–          French and U.S. Tax Planning
–          French and U.S. Income Tax Returns
–          French and U.S Estate Planning
–          French Real Estate Transactions—buying your residence, leasing your residence, selling your residence.