Individuals – Immigration

We will work with you to review your personal situation and provide assistance  to prepare long-term visa applications and resident permit applications. Most usually the procedure involves obtaining a long-term visa (a consular procedure) before arriving in France. The different categories are:

Long-term visas:

  1. Spouse of French national
  2. Spouse of European national
  3. Self-employed (travailleur indépendant)
  4. Visitor status (without the right to work)
  5. Competences and Talents (Compétences et Talents)
  6. Student
  7. Au pair

Depending on the status applied for, visas can be valid for 90 days (and a resident permit must be applied for in the two months following arrival in France) or valid for one-year (substituting for a resident permit during the first year in France). Providing that the initial conditions for obtaining the visa are maintained, resident permits can be renewed annually in France.

Resident permit applications

Resident permits must be applied for within two months of arrival in France with the Préfecture (Police Department) nearest to your place of residence in France.