For Human Resources Managers:

In anticipation of inter-company transfers or the recrutement of employees from outside of France, we will work with the Human Resources Manager to:


– Consult to understand the best possible status
– Prepare the work permit application for worker and family including drafting of application, translating documents when possible, organizing official translations of personal documents where required, etc.
– File the application
– Follow-up
– Provide instructions for obtaining long-term visa
– Prepare and apply for resident permits
– Update Human Resources Department on evolution of file
– Track permits to renew in timely manner

Work permit applications

We will review the different options with the Human Resources Manager to assess the most appropriate status to meet short and long term objectives:

  • New hire
  • Intra-group – Employee on assignment
  • Intra-group – Employee transfer
  • EU Blue card
  • Service providers
  • Competences and talents (“competences et talents”)
  • Trader’s card (carte de commerçant)
  • Non-resident trader’s card (commerçant non-résident)
  • Change of status (student to employee)
  • Scientists
  • Interns